After the Storm

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In the deep dark closet, after the storm, hides a still, small, frail little girl. Afraid to move, afraid to open the door to allow the light in. All of her education from childhood and beyond have left her, left her adult years and reduced her to childhood fears. Balled up, rattled and shaking inside the closet of her adult body, the emotions are secretly tucked and screaming to get out. Outwardly she smiles, walks firm and appears cheerful and unaffected by the tornado that has ripped through her life. One minute everything was normal and instantly all that was steady and sure turned to a tangled mess, a tornado laden vast wasteland with scattered shards of the remains of what once was. New normal isn't as deeply rooted, isn't as tall and steady as the oak that once stood firm and tall, reaching for the sky without a thought of a storm. Will the sun ever shine again on these limbs? Will the wind ever settle [...]