Marketing, Branding and Social Media sound easy. To have it done right and be successful takes just the right plan. Our trained and experienced team will guide you from development to planning to implementation. You determine our level of involvement start to finish. We will provide the professional boost you need to get your message out and get recognized, resulting in more traffic and more profit!

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Marketing and Social Media involve knowledge of:
– Identify your target market
– How you want to appear to your customers
– What do you want customers to feel like when they think of your business
– What emotions do you want customers to experience when they think of you
– What do you want customers to share with others to encourage new business
– What social media destinations do your target market customers use and how often
– What will bring you the best results in a short period of time
– What will the long term benefit be

All of these and more are addressed as Jeremiah Inc. develops a Marketing and / or Social Media plan to suit your needs. You determine a list of variables based on who you and your business are and what you want others to think about when they think of you. This is the first step to branding your business and the services it provides to your customers.

What are your goals?
– What is your purpose for marketing; exposure, introduction, repeat business, new business?
– Where are you wanting your marketing to appear?
– What is your goal for marketing?
– Who is your target audience?
– What geographical area are you marketing to and why?
– Are you seeking immediate results or trusted results built over a period of time?
– Do you want to become a household name and “Brand” yourself a certain way?

With the trusted Jeremiah Inc. team we will work on several levels to achieve your Marketing and / or Social Media goals through a variety of media outlets and avenues that are available for you. Feel more comfortable with Facebook? Want to dabble with Instagram? Post an all-in campaign with a combination of Social Media and Print Media? We have you covered!

Whether you come to us for the plan, the implementation or both, we are your partner working to guide you to your specially designed and created destination as well as the unique journey to arrive at the destination you have selected based on the criteria and budget you have to work with. We will spend time with you getting to know your business climate, values, goals and more to customize a plan that you might design yourself if you had the time.

Connect with us today to discuss your vision and needs. Partner with us to develop a workable plan designed with your success in mind.