Is there that one person in your life who inspires you? Is there one who shares their faith in ways that are gentle and thought provoking, while being loving, kind and comforting? Do you know someone who lives a life that is an example of what you believe faith to be? We have been fortunate enough to see those people in our own lives. Our team will share the faith and inspirational stories of our lives and those along our paths that gave us faith, inspiration and hope in some of our darkest times as well as our learning and growing years.

Some of our team were raised in Christian homes while others were not. We will share inspiration gained from our faith and the journey we have had. We will share books of the Bible that inspire us, passages that we have written on our hearts to gird us like armor in times of difficulty and uncover new passages along the way.

Everyone needs a person to inspire you to go father, work harder, be patient, be proactive, be amazing! Faith and fellowship are ways that some medical professionals use to pull people out of depression and still others use it as an additional means of healing. No matter your place in life right where you are at this very moment, we hope that we can be an inspiration to you. May we be a conduit for introducing you to faith, regaining your faith, or simply a solace place to sit in peace and recover your joy and peace.

Join us as we journey through faith and inspiration like none other. Allow us a moment of your day to share our favorite tools to lift us up, lift up others and ways in which to plant small seeds of joy, faith and hope on our journey. . . Come on in!

Connect with us as we grow together!