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Meals for a Busy Week

|Meals for a Busy Week
Meals for a Busy Week 2017-07-21T13:39:20+00:00

We all have those weeks where it seems that placing a hot meal on the table for our family if beyond what we can add to our ever growing task and to-do list. Many years ago my mom and others gave me rock-solid ideas and recipes to enable our family to sit around the dinner table together nightly without the expense of grab and go food. These tips and tricks have enabled our family to both save money and enjoy quality time together. I am know to be cooking five different foods on a weekend just so we can enjoy home cooked food all week and still have plenty of time for bonding, fun and the activities that busy and enriched children enjoy! Join us on a journey of how to make the most of your time while incorporating meal prep in your busy schedule! We would love to hear your comments!

Family Gatherings, Make Ahead and Bake tomorrow, Mom’s Special Macaroni & Cheese is sure to be a hit!

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