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“Life is a journey…” Ever hear that and laugh? It certainly is a journey and it has its peaks and valleys like a roller coaster. Today you might be sailing high and tomorrow you are on the curb with the ants watching the traffic whiz by. Who hasn’t had a day or two on the curb? Let us share with you our peaks and valleys, our inspirations along the way and on occasion how to combat the swarm of negativity and defeating circumstances we all face daily.

I am always amazed at the people that are drawn to me, to my life and want to be around me. Some say I am blessed, others say that the Lord has filled me with blessing others, still others think I am absolutely a stark raving lunatic and laugh their fool heads off at me. I personally think that I am just me. A me that is a culmination of life’s journey, hardships, circumstances and good people and the part these have all played in my life and all that is yet to come. Few know the struggles I face daily. I have this uncanny pictorial memory and can recall information in seconds (other times I tell people I go “brain stupid”) which makes me a walking encyclopedia of knowledge at work and at home.

God has a plan for our lives, if only we will be watchful and enjoy the moments along the way. While we are waiting, ever think that someone else might need to be lifted by the story of YOUR ups and downs? Do you share your failures as readily as you share your success? Do you tell others how you reached your level of success, but neglect to tell them about the time…? Sure, we all do it! Our mission is to share the WHY we are sharing our success. In other words, the story behind the story. There are so many life lessons that our parents and grandparents shared over the years. We want to share a few of ours with you so that while you cozy up with a cup, you can enjoy a moment and think about how our story might just be what you needed to hear for today. How our story may as well be yours, but with different outcomes. How our story could change your journey to make it just a little sweeter.

Grab that cup, follow us for a day, a week or for a really long time and sit a spell while we share life together. We pray that we inspire you to changes, whether attitude, actions or habits. Let’s journey together…

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