Is the kitchen your happy place like it is mine? Or do you struggle to step foot inside the confines of the shiny metal and all that a kitchen can be that may be daunting to some? Join our journey into the kitchen for cooking up some great food for family and friends. A weekend day spent cooking meals for the busy week, desserts for family and friends or preparing meals to freeze can be great stress relief during a busy time in your life.

Thanks to some great people along the way, I have learned how to prepare great meals to put on the table without spending tons going out to eat. Our dinner table is our family reunion daily to regroup, disseminate information from the day, dream, plan and be together as a family.

The interruptions of waitresses, waiting on food, clanging of dishes, sizzle of grills can be very distracting to a family. The visual of a restaurant and the people there can also pose challenges to your stress levels. Now, imagine a quiet evening, surrounded by family, eating great food you have prepared together and afterward the same family spending time together in the chores of cleaning up the table and dishes and relaxing together in the area of your home of choice. No hot/cold cars and traffic. No stuffing youngsters in car seats as they wail loudly. No rush to get home or run to the next store, but simplicity of relaxing.

>Come, turn the page, click on a recipe and the journey that accompanies it. Stir up something delicious, to include lasting warm memories!