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Years before pharmaceutical companies and synthetic drugs, there were natural remedies, plants that derived the essential oils that healed the plant.  The people who picked these self-healing plants knew how to extract these healing oils for use in healing and wellness. There were time proven healing methods and elixirs that healed a body naturally, as God intended. Modern medicine has its place and can be very useful when given appropriately and in times of real need, when all other methods have been exhausted.


Overuse of modern drugs has become dangerous and in some cases deadly. Our society wants everything now, fast, easy, painless and on the go. Because we are a “now society” we want our bodies to heal now as well. After all, who doesn’t want a cold or allergies to just dry up and go away by the end of the day? Being told this remedy may take a day or two of diligence just isn’t going to work with our rapid paced lifestyle and mommy-on-the-go schedule. Give me the fix now!


Dig in as we share our experiences, our ups and downs in life, our family remedies and antidotal stories from our growing up years. We are not medical professionals, no inference or interpretation should be made that the suggestions, stories or research presented on this website or in our shared stories should be considered medically sound. You will take each story as it is written by the author as just a story of their upbringing and years of experiences and perform your own research and make your own health decisions based on your own decisions and advice of your medical professional.

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