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Parenting 101 is how it is explained to so many of my friends. My oldest son will tell you I had some epic fails! My youngest son of the two would test my skills to the nth degree! Many of you know these days and years of our lives. The older I got, the more I learned how to piece all of the knowledge and sharing over the years to understand a whole new way of parenting. This whole new way of parenting carries over to my business and our team will tell you that the way I lead at work and the way I parent are often very much alike.


Parenting is overrated and either formalized as a profession to be followed like an education manual or so undervalued that all you need to do is be a best friend these days. You see so many extremes that you can write books on what can be observed. My years of raising two boys has taught me that small minds are not small, but rather large sponges that learn more than they are given credit for. I raised my boys without the baby talk, but with tons of “I love you’s” and lots of hugs. My boys knew the difference between want and need and they knew the phenomenon of “cause and effect.”


As I look at my grown men, I made mistakes, I know that each can tell hair raising stories of their upbringing, but I pray that each will look back and know that they were loved and raised to be respectable, respectful and polite young men who were taught how to be self reliant, faith-filled and effective members of society.

Tanya Hale, Founder / CEO of Jeremiah Inc.


Join the Jeremiah team as we share our creative parenting stories and methods. Not all methods work with every child, as each child is like a grain of sand or a snowflake, uniquely created and no two are exactly alike.  Adults each have their own set of experiences and surroundings with which to draw from in their parenting years. We hope that our stories enrich your parenting and leadership journey and help you get closer to your parenting and leadership goals as you journey alongside your children, grandchildren and other young moldable lives.


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