Family is the place where you can be yourself, engage and make memories. All families are unique. Want to find new ways to bond as a family? Want great adventure starter ideas that will create memories to last a lifetime?

Ever wish you or your family could do something unique? Something to change your circumstances? Something that made sense? Or something totally different that might not make sense to others? Ever wish you knew how to do something, but don’t have the inspiration or you feel you don’t have the abilities it takes? Want to take something that seems to be trash and turn it into something unique and beautiful?

Join us as we tell you about some really cool life journey adventures and projects that will both inspire you and empower you to reach farther than ever before! God blesses us daily with so many opportunities to see things in different ways. Our Life Journey stories will amaze you, inspire you and give you lots of Ah-Ha moments that will have you sharing with your friends, children and family! Get more done in less time, clean your house in stages and have your weekends free! Get more out of life without giving every dime you earn to do it! Give awesome gifts for Christmas that don’t cost an arm and a leg! Save money, plan ahead and so much more!

Together we will share things that may seem ordinary to some, but to others it is extraordinary!

We can’t wait to connect with you and hear your ideas too!

Turn the pages and click on ideas that will save you time, money and give you more moments in your journey!  Join us as we take the ordinary and make it extraordinary!