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Home is what you make it based on who you and your family are. No two home are alike, just as no two people are alike. Our home is an extension of who we are. Our homes should reflect the comforts of our lives and be a place to kick your shoes off, relax, entertain, special laughter-filled moment with friends and family. Home should be comfortable and be the inviting respite from a long day away.

Our home has evolved many times over the years; from accommodating small children, toys scattered all over the floor to teenagers filling a room with gaming equipment, sleeping bags, televisions, cell phones, snacks and laughter till wee hours of the morning for a 16th birthday celebration. It has been pots of venison stew, hay bales inside for Halloween, employee Christmas Parties and relaxed weekend guest moments rocking on the front porch.

Home has included taking worn out tube socks and jeans and turning them into rugs and quilts and aprons. Home has deer heads, fox and bobcats stuffed and mounted, Boyd’s bears tucked discreetly in visual locations to warm the heart. It’s photos on the wall, tucked here and there. It’s that aroma that delights the senses when a special meal or pumpkin pie is cooking.

The warmth from your home doesn’t always come from the “things” you purchase, but from the way you place what little or abundance of what you have. Old, new, worn and tattered, your home should say “Welcome, come on in and sit a spell…”

Join our our Jeremiah Team as we share our stories about home. Our memories of days gone by, decorations of the past and the present, as well as our dreams for the future. Whether you have little of a lot, you can make your home your own and still be comfortable.

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