Blogging is a form of communication, journaling, sharing and expression. The Jeremiah Inc. team and I share our journeys in an effort to enrich your journey. Our stories, recipes, experiences, and wisdom cannot be unique. We feel that others may be on a similar journey. We hope that our journey prepares you for possible same circumstances or enriches and proves you are not the only one who has gone through your situation or circumstances.

I personally began blogging as a way to journal my ideas, fears, challenges and discoveries. After sharing several stories my friends encouraged me to publish these into a blog. This was shortly after beginning Jeremiah Inc. Naturally I felt that consulting and my stories and journaling went hand in hand and thus began my blogging.

So many people have been short changed in their lives. We hope that our stories, talents, Biblical references and encouragement give you a warm hug and fill some of those gaps as you seek what you may have missed up to this point in your life.

My team and I make money through our consulting clients on projects listed in our Services Menu. We may also make a small profit off of our Affiliate links and Ads. Our focus is not the money, rather the people we can assist in reaching new heights. Our blogs are a means to share and empower others. Several of our blogs are my personal journey through some very dark times. Other blogs are meant to share a piece of my life and that of my team and to provide possible direction on how things you seek can be discovered or accomplished. Yet other blogs are silly stories about our families or just simply information we have gathered along the way to share. No post is meant to provide medical or legal advice in any way, but rather a glimpse at our journeys to this point in our lives. Always refer to medical or legal counsel before taking / implementing advice from anyone.

Thank you for reading our blogs, for following our site and sharing what you learn!