Jeremiah, Inc. is on a mission to fill in the missing pieces of life. Whether you are seeking life tips, creative ideas for food, health, activities or building a business of any proportion, Jeremiah, Inc. has collaborative members who contribute their vast amount of knowledge.  Together we form Jeremiah, Inc. a small business with big ideas. Partnering is our desire and goal to further enhance and contribute to your life success plans from conception to completion.

Exploring the Book of Jeremiah, you find that all is not as glowing as the specific verse Jeremiah 29:11 would have you believe. Rather, times were tumultuous, much like current times. In any venture, business or in life there are threats to our success. Whether it is business, motherhood, living our dream, recovering from devastation or simply living life, we have weaknesses and interruptions constantly. From these, we grow stronger. As a business based on Christian values and morals, we believe that we can all overcome with God’s leadership, His blessing and a little help from our friends.

Whether you are a Christian or not, the Book of Jeremiah has growth, leadership and business model concepts that are still valuable today. Basing our lives and our business on these concepts, we will share our knowledge, skills and seek out those key areas in our lives that we all need growth in order to further succeed. We will overcome and get past the threats to the plan God has for us. Together we will share all that He lays before us.

We are not medical professionals, Doctorate holders, theologians or wealthy. The information shared on our site is strictly based on our experience, knowledge and should not be taken as professional advice. Consider us your living room guests, your friends as we share on a variety of topics. We are researchers!  We firmly believe, all information can be twisted, misinterpreted, misapplied and simply changed through understanding to meet the needs of the reader. Please use our posts, blogs and topics as reference points and do not let it stop there. We request that YOU research for yourself the topics posted.   We welcome constructive comments, input and sharing. Let’s learn together! Our sincere desire is that Jeremiah, Inc will not be your stopping point, but rather your starting point and that you will become a researcher of all things YOU!

Connect with us!  We are ready for your next event.  From a twenty minute power talk to an all day event, we love sharing.   If you are ready to change your life and need a coach in your corner, please complete the contact us form. If you are local to the Tri-Cities and Richmond, Virginia area, we can also offer in person consultations for topics listed here. Our collaboration team is one of the best!

Formed in 2011, Jeremiah, Inc. follows the book of Jeremiah and the specific verse 29:11, “for I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

We believe! Do you? Want to? Contact us or seek your local church for guidance. Contact us for a church in your area.