Weeknight Wonder: Zucchini Boats

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This was a last minute meal that almost was zucchini bread! Funny how this became a meal, but while we were talking at work about the huge zucchini my son picked from the neighbor's garden while he was house/dog sitting this week, this meal came to mind! I was explaining how those blown up zucchini become zucchini bread at our house by shredding it all and freezing recipe size bags ready to make zucchini bread this winter. Then Pinterest post came to mind right away! I remember seeing Zucchini Boats where the zucchini was scooped out and lasagna ingredients added. When I got home I set to making dinner. Oven set to 450 degrees (they wanted dinner fast!) and I had my son cut those overgrown zucchini lengthwise and scoop out the overgrown seeds. Meanwhile I pulled out a pound of pre-cooked and browned sausage that has been rinsed and towel dried to absorb all the excess fat possible to make whatever I use it for more [...]