Laundry Room Wisdom

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How often have you quickly thrown a load of clothes in the washer in haste and then walked to the kitchen to begin the task of doing the mountain of dishes? Being a wife and mother can be a daunting task, filled with thoughts of when will it ever end? Give that thought a moment…Do you WANT it to end? Have you ever thought what the end of those tasks may mean? This conversation plays over and over in my head so often when I get discouraged and dismayed at the piles of work that lies before me. After a long day of work, on days where I have been stricken with illness, or life just isn't in tune with my need for rest and play, household tasks stare me right in the face. Then I remember the "Why" of these things. Why are there dishes? Why is there a mountain of laundry? Why does the house need cleaned? Why are there so many baths to give [...]