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Day 11: Saturday A Journey of Fellowship and Prayer

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Life changes so quickly. Count your blessings as they come! My day began in quiet time and prayer as it does every day, usually before the sun rises. Today's prayer time, like the last 10 days was wrapped in David. Wilson and I had plans for the day; he was preparing for folks who would come help cut wood for our burner and I to go to work and get a few things caught up in the solitude. Soon it became apparent that I may need to rethink my plans. Our first blessing of the day came from Appomattox Courthouse with a small but mighty carpenter. How ironic that a carpenter would be our first guest of the day! This carpenter came bearing a truckload of cut, split and seasoned wood so beautiful to the eye! As he loaded it into our storage trailer, I prepared to go out and help him. By the time I got out to him, he had completed his deed. We spent [...]

Day 11 In the early morning hour…

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Each day has it's own challenge, thought, intrepidations and randomness. Who's life doesn't? Ours right now just seems a little more staccato in the music of life. Last night was long and the fits in and out of sleep were difficult for me. My mind kept rolling to the Facebook Prayer post of a friend who prayed Angels were on guard around him in the room. An army of Angels surrounding my husband David, standing bright and tall with a glow surrounding them. Staffs held high, and Angels breathing towards him with a aura of their breath flowing in his direction, filling his ailing and weak lungs with glorious, pure, clean and healing warmth of their breath to strengthen and heal him for the journey of bypass surgery next. God directing this choir of Angels somewhere unseen with the command of a sea captain; "Slow and steady", being careful not to send too much or too little. Comforting as it is, it was a permanent video running in [...]

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