There is something extra sweet about sunshine after a cold rain. The warmth of the sun streaming through the clouds envelops you and sends the warmth right to the depths of your body. You feel a sense of being wrapped up, all warm and cozy.

I arrived at work today and shared the news of the evening before. I felt a sense of hopelessness in the midst of everything. I explained to the staff most of what the doctor said and how it would probably be doubtful David would return to work ever. After all, that was the hope I was given in my conversation with the cardiologist. We spoke about plans to continue and how we would do it and set out to the tasks at hand. We would take one step at a time and give God the opportunity to show us the way.

My earlier call to the nurse, as I do every morning after I get up was brief, as she was cleaning him up, so another nurse shared that he had a rough night but was ok. So, I decided to wait and see what David’s nephew Ray was doing and if in fact he was able to make it in to see him today. The doctor would call later in the day and I would know more about the feeding tube idea, the swallowing and future plans for David’s care and procedures.

I called again late morning and the good news was that David could have honey thick liquids and that he was able to swallow a bit. The nurse was pleased with this and said that she had requested that instead of the feeding tube options that they instead “give him a chance.” Thank you Karen!!!! Honey thick liquids were much better than a feeding tube that he would try to pull out and be agitated about. (Who could blame him??)

Ray, one of David’ nephews texted around lunchtime telling me he was at the hospital. We exchanged directions, etc. and I gave him the code. I told him I had paved the way by telling the nurses his nephews would be coming to see him over the course of the next few days and to speak freely with them as they came in. I asked him to text me later to tell me how David was.8d67ae5b-5b90-4dc0-b858-a797378aa729

At one point in the morning I had walked outside, the clouds filled the sky and the rain had stopped. I once again looked to the sky and prayed, “God let David’s health be like these clouds today, making way for the sunshine and healing that is surely to come.” In fact the sunshine did begin to pop out soon after. I took this as a sign from God, as I had over the past few days, that the Angels were circling and standing guard and that David’s health was improving with each passing cloud.

To my utter surprise, the text from Ray was a double take! He was laughing, joking and talking with David. Their ten minute visit was turning into thirty minutes. My heart jumped! The interim cardiologist called about that time and shared the news! “David is doing very well today. He has made a full 180 degree turn around such as I had not expected.” What? Things were so ominous last evening and today? So proud of my David and in God’s fulfillment of my prayers!

As I eagerly listened, the doctor explained the team would be looking at placing stents possibly Monday and getting David moved to Cardiac Step Down. His Arterial Line would be removed today and that they would begin the process of taking him off one blood thinner and replacing it with Plavix to see how he would do. They would also be taking him off some of the meds and begin switching over to crushed up pills in applesauce. They would be ordering a moderated barium swallow test in the morning tomorrow to see what more they could feed him and to ensure what he was intaking was going to the right place to prevent pneumonia and fluids in his lungs again.

David is a small man to begin with. Being malnourished and anemic were not good for David’s healing efforts. He needed nutrition in a big way! Laying in the bed for two weeks also wasn’t helping him either.

Doc said he was smiling and joking and laughing and that his nephew was good medicine for him. I asked about my coming to visit today. and Doc said we needed to let him rest after this visit and that I too should rest another day and try again tomorrow. My heart sunk but I knew he was right. We were getting worn out with the roller coaster ride of ups and downs over the last 36 hours. He also said that maybe David had still been coming off of the medications yesterday and that may have contributed to his stability yesterday. In either case, both the cardiologist and I were very pleased with the turnaround David had made today.

A text later revealed that Ray had stayed an entire hour with David. His voice still small and light, he was in fact talking, laughing, cracking jokes with Ray and the nurses! Word came by Ray that David did in fact want his glasses and his iPad as well. Oh my, this was THE SIGN! He wanted his iPad. That silly facebook thing he does ALL the time that drives me nuts! My David is back! Anyone who knows David well knows that when he starts cracking jokes in the midst of what would otherwise be chaos, he is getting better! Joking with the nursing staff would be one such clue!img_03431

I beamed through the rest of the day! David is healing! We are healing! I remember going outside again and standing in the warmth of the sun. Feeling the sunshine beam down, it wrapped me in it’s warmth and I felt a peace wash over me. God is good! God is amazing! I reflected back on my morning prayer. In desperation of the situation, I had re-read and took each line one by one of the February 4th devotional Jesus Calling  our friends Angie and Bret shared with us. I had copied and pasted and laminated it and posted it on our refrigerator for times like this to give me hope, understanding and peace in God’s ability to provide. I had repeated each line and in this moment in the sunshine, I was blessed by these words and how Sovereign our God really is.

Bring me your weakness, and receive my peace. Accept yourself and your circumstances just as they are, remembering that I am sovereign over everything. Do not wear yourself out with analyzing and planning. Instead, let thankfulness and trust be your guides through this day, they will keep you close to Me. As you live in the radiance of My Presence, My Peace shines upon you. You will cease to notice how weak or strong you feel, because you will be focusing on Me. The best way to get through this day is step by step with Me. Continue this intimate journey, trusting that the path you are following is headed for Heaven.

It then gives three scripture verses: Psalm 29:11, Numbers 6:24-26 and Psalm 13:5

As you need encouragement, peace, direction, I encourage you to re-read this shared wisdom and look up the verses. God had plans for each of us and we need to listen and lean on Him. I praise God today for his help and his wisdom. I could not have made it through this day, or any day without Him.

As I ended my day, I called my mom who only yesterday returned to her home for the first time since October 22, 2016 when she had a stroke. Her joy at being home, the good news about her son-in-law and her true gratitude for the things and people in her life. What renewed joy! Months ago she was depressed, agitated and unsure of her future. Today we talked about God’s amazing grace. We talked about faith and works. We shared how God has blessed others through our lives. My mom and my grandmother had huge impacts on my faith and teaching me to be humble in works. Jesus says to do your deeds in secret as only the Father should know. My mother taught me about pride and not be pride-full! Share your deep rooted faith with your children openly and daily! It does have an impact on times like these!

As I close this day, there are so many in need of prayer. How can we NOT pray without ceasing? Take time today to build your prayer list and take time throughout your day, daily to pray over others. Tonight our community is reaching our for Hannah Mayton who was in a head on collision this morning with one of our church members. Hannah is in critical condition and needs prayers. The outpouring of support and prayer in our community is amazing! I am grateful to live in a country and County where God is openly spoken of and turned to! Freedom! God hears our prayers! Pray often, pray earnestly and share your Praise for God’s sovereigness over all! Be blessed where you are!

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