Each day has it’s own challenge, thought, intrepidations and randomness. Who’s life doesn’t? Ours right now just seems a little more staccato in the music of life. Last night was long and the fits in and out of sleep were difficult for me. My mind kept rolling to the Facebook Prayer post of a friend who prayed Angels were on guard around him in the room.

An army of Angels surrounding my husband David, standing bright and tall with a glow surrounding them. Staffs held high, and Angels breathing towards him with a aura of their breath flowing in his direction, filling his ailing and weak lungs with glorious, pure, clean and healing warmth of their breath to strengthen and heal him for the journey of bypass surgery next. God directing this choir of Angels somewhere unseen with the command of a sea captain; “Slow and steady”, being careful not to send too much or too little. Comforting as it is, it was a permanent video running in my mind as I lay there with the dogs curled about me. My mind wanted to see and confirm this prayer was really happening and to feel the comfort David must be feeling.

Those who know me well understand that I am a visual person to the point that I remember everything through visual pictures. This past week the pictures have been liken to a scary movie and this video of Angels in David’s presence were both comforting and cleansing. I truly believe this whole event is God ordained. img_1026

My conversations with God are many. Some of my conversations are of gratitude for not being aware of what was happening as I casually drove David to the nearest hospital for what appeared to be a severe case of bronchitis (more on the events of that evening later) and now watching him lie motionless in a hospital bed with tons of wires, hoses and machines doing the unimaginable for him. 11 days ago he was changing the batteries in our smoke detectors.

I continue to ask God what the purpose is for this event. “Who is to be Kingdom impacted by these stories of David’s journey?” “What good will come from this?” “What great things do you have for David’s future?” I am humbled by the following, prayers, cares, concerns, and offers from across the country. Until an event like this, you truly do not realize the impact you may have.

Everyday thousands of people cross our paths, though few impact us to the greatest depths. What is it that stories like #KatyStrong and David Hale grip and intrigue us? Is it the magnitude of helplessness in the situation? Is it the gripping story of God’s Grace under fire? Is it the curiosity of those unbelievers who need witness to God’s great Healing Hands and His way of showing His Might?

My conversations with God are random and constant. Throughout this I have praised God regularly throughout the day. Praise many would ask? Yes! Praise that we are blessed with so many Christian friends with hearts as big. Praise for the weather that could be so much worse as we go through this and travel to see David. Praise for employees who willingly work hard to ensure everything stays together and our customers do not miss a beat. Praise for a beautiful, warm, loving home with sweet dogs who love us unconditionally and offer nothing but wagging tags, eager smiles and barking as we drag through the door, spent from another day of chaos and challenges.

I pray as I drive most days. Praying even in the midst of conversations. I know it sounds weird, but I thank God for the person I am with at the time, thank God for the place I am instead of the place I am not! So, on this leg of our journey, I am thanking God that David was where he was with whom he was and now he is where he is. God places people in our lives for specific reasons of one sort or another.

As I continue this journey I see the God ordained meetings in our life. David’s cardiologist and ENT are customers of ours. His ENT called our office on the recommendation of a friend for service to his generator the very day David was transported to Levinson Heart Center. David was alert and the doctor showed him the phone number he had dialed earlier in the day to confirm he had called David’s company. A coincidence? I believe it was God ordained. I am sure this comforted David knowing the two now had a relationship that was mutal.

I will continue to recite Jeremiah 29:11 “for I know the plans I have for you…” As I continue to share excerpts of this journey and our life through this blog and my website, know that I firmly believe God has plans for each and every one of us to impact His Kingdom. It is what we were born to do…Glorify Him in everything we do! We are human, not perfect. Only one before us can claim perfection. Rather we are a work in progress. David is getting an entire makeover right now. Pray his impact continues to be great! If you are not a believer, stay tuned, God will reveal His mightiness in amazing ways! If you are a believer who has strayed from the Word, crawl on your hands and knees back! If you are deeply rooted, keep the faith and don’t let the devil steal your Joy! I leave you this morning asking you to open your Bible, and reread Jeremiah 29:11 today often! Better yet, begin at Jeremiah 1 and see the struggle before the promise to get the full picture of the meaning of this beloved scripture verse and why it is one of my favorites! We invite you to follow our posts, leave comments, sign up for the feed. Our ultimate prayer would be for you to dig deeper into the Word with us, share our journey and to Glorify God!