Most mornings we wake up with anticipation and take for granted the day, even before it begins. We know that we will wake up, grab a cup of coffee and start our usual morning routine. Nothing exciting or new, just getting up and moving about towards our plans for the day. Every morning we know that things can change throughout our day, however we don’t give much thought to those things that could get in the way of our plans. After all, how would you know what those things could be? They are your day’s variables. Variables are the devil’s way to catch us off guard and give us fits!

Today was such a day for me. One minute I am going about my business and the next, I have a headache, sinus issues are gaining ground on me and things at work are going crazy rapidly. By the end of the day, I have just about taken in as much of the variables that I am able to manage. By the time I think I am over all of this and have a plan to get a grip on it all, one more major piece of information, compliments of Satan, creeps in. This one was the edge and it sent me into a tail spin. How could this hurdle be overcome? How could this happen? What will be done to get through this? The information was devastating and could be devastating to so many of our employees.


Wait a minute! On my drive home at 8:00 (I should have been gone by 5:30!) it dawned on me how the devil was using my day to creep in the biggest opening I had left for him for the day…my heart. My heart was broken by this information and it was causing me the rare tear to be shed as I drove home. I thought of my friend whom I recently walked through a similar cliff jump posture. Then God ebbed in and reminded me that though this information and the potential danger it could pose, He is God! He is stronger than any storm I can possibly be facing! He also reminded me that 13 hours after starting my day, the only thing that had really changed was the information. Physically, nothing had really changed. I was on my way home to make dinner for my family at a home that was still as I left it this morning. Money is in my checking account, no one has died and my three wonderful dogs will greet me as usual with wagging tails. My youngest son will be there too and my husband is driving right behind me. I am still married, still have two wonderful children and my God is still my Lord and Savior! He will bring me through this. After all, He states, “If God is for me, who can be against me?” Romans 8:31

The devil will be there at every turn. This reminded me how my grandmother was my inspiration, reminding me to memorize those verses for times just like this. When you write the scriptures of God on your heart and in your mind, they are the sword that can be used against Satan to overcome any situation. Just then, in that moment of remembering God’s word, my best friend texts me reminding me to hold on, God has answers at the next turn and He is about to reveal the answers to my recent struggles. Friends are the best! In that moment, God comforted me, gave me a renewed hope and solace in my time of need. Your enemy, Satan is right around the corner and presents himself in many forms. If you allow him in, he will wreak havoc on your life. His aim is to get you to forget who God is and allow him to tear you up and pull you down. Fight evil with good and don’t give the devil a fighting chance! Every day is your opportunity to glorify God through all that you do! Read the Book of Jeremiah in your Bible and cling to the verse in Jeremiah 29:11. He has big plans for YOU!

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